Tom and Jerry Flocked Exclusive

Tom and Jerry Pop! Coming Soon

Tom and Jerry, a favourite cartoon for many of us that first appeared in 1940, now joins Funko Pop! They will fall under the ‘Animation’ category being #404 and #405, while the Target Exclusives being #409 and #410.

Tom Funko Pop

Here are the first images of the Funkos and we think they look great. Tom stands with a meat cleaver, which he is trying to conceal behind his back.

Jerry Funko Pop

While Jerry is armed with his trusty cheese and innocent smile. These two Pops! will look great on the shelf of any fan of the cartoon.

Tom Exclusive Target

There are also two Target Exclusives with the duo holding explosives. Tom is holding an old-school bomb while Jerry is holding a stick of dynamite.

Jerry Target Exclusive

As well as the two Target Exclusives, there is also a Two-Pack Flocked Limited Piece Exclusive coming later this year.

Tom and Jerry Flocked Exclusive

We are happy to announce that we have both Tom and Jerry in Stock, so order now! Check out our store and sign up for our Newsletter to get our latest stock notifications delivered right to your inbox as well.

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