Mystery Box

Funko Pop Mystery Box from Pop Vinyl! Get your hands on yours now – pick a theme* and get excited to see what Pops! you’ll receive!

We currently offer 7 Themes;

– Animation
– Classic
– Disney
– Gaming
– Movies
– Super Hero
– TV Series

Our Themed Mystery Boxes all come in 3 different sizes:

– 2 Pops
– 4 Pops
– 6 Pops

There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will receive a Limited Edition Funko Pop! This can include**:

– Limited Chase Edition
– PX Exclusive
– US Convention Exclusive
– Flocked Edition Pop!
– US Retail Exclusive

*Themes may cross-over from time to time such as Movies and Heroes (i.e Spiderman), Animation and Television (i.e Rick & Morty). While we try to do our best at theming Pops as accurately as possible, but cross-over of themes may occur.
**But not limited to the above.

We welcome the suggestions of new Themes for our Mystery Boxes, please feel free to email us with your idea!

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